Fabrication, LLC

Innovation through Integrity



As the exclusive fabricators for DECKadence marine flooring, we have mastered the art of custom flooring jobs for boats, vans, pool decks, outdoor sitting areas, and even planes! Our flooring extremely durable and easy to clean, on top of combining style and comfort like you haven’t seen or felt before.

How it works in 3 steps

  1. We take the measurements of your flooring

  2. We digitize those measurements to add a design

  3. Using our knife machine, we cut with precision and accuracy for a polished look

Alternatively, if you already have a template of your flooring (.ai, .dwg, .dxf, .eps files accepted), or if we have one on file for your flooring, we can get started right away!

Custom mats with your own logo or designs have become extremely popular! Send us the logo and we’ll digitize and immortalize it in your own custom mat. Perfect for your home or place of business.

See our flooring gallery here for cool ideas!

Call us now at (804) 210-1613 or email to get your quote and we will craft your perfect design.