Fabrication, LLC

Innovation through Integrity



      My name is Dr. Lambros P. “Lam” Tzerefos, and along with my youngest daughter Krista, we own and operate Precision Fabrication, LLC. We are located in the heart of Gloucester County, VA., located about 45 minutes north of Norfolk and approximately 25 miles east of Williamsburg - as the crow flies.  Along with Krista, my youngest son J.C. is our artistic influence. In addition, we have Luby, our prime and premier, CNC-knife operator and production foreman; Sean, our graphics artist and digitizer; Daniel, our jack of all trades who completes a wide variety of projects on the floor; Ben, our web designer and online marketing consultant; and Brooke, who taken on the task of managing our sales' programs.

      We founded our family business in 2010 from a 30 year old vision of "doing whatever was in our power" to bring the ability to product quality work back to the U.S., provide jobs for Americans, execute our business in an environmentally conscious manner, and do all this while maintaining our integrity in everything we do.    

        If you are ever in the Gloucester area, please do not hesitate to stop by and say hello. Either I or one of our team members will be more than happy to show you around. We look forward to seeing you.